The Rover P6 Club 50th Anniversary Car Badges


These custom made car badges were produced for the Rover P6 Club's 50th Anniversary.

Die struck in brass these car badges have been carefully handfilled with hard enamel replicating the club's anniversary design. Finished with gold plating these classic car badges are sure to catch the eye of admirers.

We were asked to come up with a concept so that the badge could be used with 2 nuts and threads on the back, or with a plate with 2 holes. So we designed an attachment that could be removed or attached to the threads giving the end user the choice of either fitting.

The club also wanted to present the badges with all its fixations in a presentation box to it's members so we developed a box that could hold all of these parts while showcasing the badge to its fullest.

These custom made car badges were commisioned by the club for it's members to purchase and also to be presented to the members that were part of the original design engineer team, who developed the P6 in the early sixties!

We think this is a lovely anniversary design and hope the members and the club are as proud of these custom made car badges as we are!


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"We commissioned Car Badge UK to produce some commemorative grille badges to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rover P6. We had the design, but Darren and his team turned this into something that was way beyond our expectations. The individual presentation boxes and innovative approach to the badge's design left us with something truly amazing. We were proud to present some of these badges to the design engineers who helped develop the Rover P6 in the 1960s, and the rest were sold to our club members. The quality is fantastic, and helped make our celebration year all the more special."

- Michael Allen, Club Secretary
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