The Rover P6 Club Car Badges


These were custom made car badges for the Rover P6 Club.

Die struck in brass these car badges have been carefully handfilled with hard enamel replicating the club logo. Finished with gold plating these classic car badges are sure to catch the eye of admirers.

These badges incorporate a metal plate with 2 holes. This allows a threaded bolt to be pushed through and a nut to be tightened to the reverse to make a very strong fixation that can be attached to almost and part of a car.

These custom made car badges were commisioned by the club for it's members to purchase. Established in 1993, some of the clubs members were part of the original design engineer team, who developed the P6 in the early sixties!

We think this is a lovely enamelled design and hope the members and the club are as proud of these custom made car badges as we are!


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"In 2008, The Rover P6 Drivers Club was renamed 'The Rover P6 Club', and straight away there was a need to change the branding on all of our kit. We had previously sold grille badges but had been immensely disappointed at the poor quality of those we had offered. Many rusted within a year or so. We decided to change supplier and contacted Darren and the team at Car Badge UK. They produced our new design with a brilliant gold finish. Not only does the badge look crisp in our new style, it is damned-near bullet proof! We have sold a great deal of badges to our members since, many of whom use their cars every day in all weather. At all of the major shows they still look clean, crisp and shining. It's the quality piece of kit that our members demand, and we're really pleased with the quality and service that Darren and the team offer for the price."

- Michael Allen, Club Secretary
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